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North Florida Shells

Here at North Florida Shells we only sell #1 Quality dried sea life, starfish & shell products and more.
We hope you enjoy shopping and buying all your starfish, collector shells, craft items and more from us.
Please remember that sea life items are not mass produced by a machine and each item is a unique piece and has it's own character.

We offer discounts on two or more items over $25.00 from 10% to 20% every day.

Featured Products

Average Rating(9)
Prices Vary by Quantity!
Bulk Lots  Natural Knobby Starfish
Average Rating(10)
Bulk lots from $6.95
Bulk Lots of Bleached White Knobby Starfish
Average Rating(37)
Prices Vary by Quantity & Size!
Nautilus Pearl Seashells
Average Rating(8)
Prices vary by size.
Pink Conch Bahama Shell
Average Rating(4)
prices vary by quanity.
Pink Urchins
Average Rating(17)
Price varies by quantity.
Sand Dollars 1 1/2
Average Rating(15)
Prices Vary by Quantity!
Sea Fans Natural
Average Rating(5)
Prices From $10.95 + Free shipping Included!
Syrinx Aruanus Polished Shell
Average Rating(4)
Prices vary by size.