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Tan Starfish

1 1/2" - 2"+ Flat Tan Starfish

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1 1/2"+ - 1 3/4"+ - 2"+ flat Tan Starfish
Part Number: FTSF-8

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 Dried Natural Flat Tan Starfish.  

These starfish will measure around from and between 1 1/2" - 1 3/4"+ to 2"+ Also known as 1 3/4"+

We sell them in quantity lots of 10+, 25+, 50+ & 100+ lots.

This species starfish is used for crafts candles and much. very Fragile. We always add extra to all bags. These are the most fragile item we sell & These bags will have some missing points and get damaged in shipping, and may be smaller or larger then listed. Please be very aware We are not selling selects in these species starfish the bag will have one's with missing points in every bag. If this is a problem do not buy them and complain to us you got starfish with missing points we have crafters that use them with or with out missing points.These starfish will also have a dead odor due to being a real dead sea creature.

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