60+ Assorted Turbo Shells Hermit Crab Craft Shells
Assorted Turbo

60+ Assorted Turbo Shells Hermit Crab Craft Shells

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60+ Assorted Turbo Hermit Crab Shells
Part Number: HC-60-T
This is a beautiful lot of Assorted size Turbo Hermit Crab Crafting Display Shells.

 These shells will come both naturally and polished. We will send you a mix of 60+ extra Turbo shells like are shown in the photo in various sizes with imperfections and defects they are not man-made. 

Please be very aware each lot is slightly unique no 2 bags are the same except the amount we put in the bag. The sizes of each shell generally range from Tiny, small to large in every lot. 

Each Bag Has Large Turbo Hermit Crab Shells since these are quite in demand. 

The shells in these lots will measure around 1/2"+ in size to 2"+ & will have mouth openings from Around & Between 1/16"+ to 1" in size. Please note that these shells are not just for crabs they can be used for anything you can imagine. No special size requests!

Please allow for chips and breakage in case we miss some damage when packing we send more than 60 shells. 

Please note that shells have more than 1 use and we are not selling products made to fit or be used for any 1 purpose, 

We do not do requests. 

For any concerns or questions see our F&Q Page or email us directly prior to buying.

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