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Barnacle, Tube Sponges and Sea Sponges

Barnacles, Tube Sponges and Sea sponges come in a variety of species, sizes, shapes and colors. Take look at our selection.

Barnacles (Balanus tintinnabulum) are found in the Gulf and usually attaches to platforms, they wash up on beaches in clumps after storms.
Tube Sponges (Agelas conifera) Occasional found in Florida; common Bahamas and Caribbean.

Sea Sponges (Porifera) There are 5,000 different kinds of sea sponges found in oceans all over the world.

Sea Beans (Entada gigas) are seeds or fruits carried by the oceans. Over 200 types ride the currents to Florida. Also know as the Sea heart and come from huge vine in Golfito, Costa Rica.
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Dried Sponges
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Dried Tube Sponge
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Florida Purple Barnacle Cluster
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Lucky Sea Bean
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Purple Barnacle Cluster
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