According to Vastu Shastra and Feng Shui, every place holds an energy field and its aura. Besides that, there are objects that can enhance the positive energy of any place.   

Shells are considered to be one of such objects which are very helpful to invite good vibes into your home or workplace. They come loaded with good luck and inevitable power. Because of their correlation with the sea, which connects the world, shells are considered to bring luck when it comes to traveling and strengthening long-distance relationships. Shells are also known for relieving stress and safeguarding individuals from negative energies. They are a symbol of positive and healthy relationships, good communication, and prosperity. 

Buy Bulk Shells to Improve the Quality of Your Life

But one of the most important things that you need to consider is that Feng Shui emphasizes the direction in which you keep your shells. To derive the right kind of benefit, you must place your shells where they need to be - 

  • For good luck - Keeping bulk shells in a basket can bring much-needed to your life.
  • For protecting your home - Place your bulk shells on a window sill to attract good energy.
  • For strengthening marital relations - Keep the shells in the southwest corner of your bedroom to enhance and strengthen your relationship.
  • For a stable career - Decorate the bulk shells on a tabletop for a prosperous career.
  • For earning more money - Decorate the seashells with a water fountain as flowing water is the symbol of money flowing into the house, and shells help to protect the wealth.
  • For better education for children - Place the shells in the northwest direction of your living room to improve your children's education.
  • For better family ties - Keep the shells in the kitchen that helps to create harmony and strengthen the family connections.
  • For better relationships - This might be a tricky one as you will need to decorate a photo frame with the picture of the concerned person with shells. You can also place the bulk shells around the photo to deepen the bond with the individual in the picture. This can be effective as shells are known to develop relationships, bring good vibes, and improve communication. So, placing the shelf in such a manner will improve your relationship with the person by making the communications better.
  • For enhancing your reputation - Ask for a big and attractive shell from your online seller. Make sure that there is no living creature inside it. Keep it in the South sector of your living room to enhance your reputation in society. 

Bulk Shells

The Bottom Line - 

Shells just do not look beautiful but are extremely effective in enhancing your quality of life. According to Vastu Shastra and Feng Shui, this element holds a lot of power that can influence your life to a great extent. 

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