A Knobby starfish is a gift from the ocean. Giving an elegant look to the interiors of your house is now easy with the help of starfish. The beautiful creatures are the best option for decoration for all types of occasion. A basket filled with tempting and colorful fish is the best gift from nature.


Starfish gives a royal look to your house. Color provided by nature is the first choice for the people who love to have starfish for their house decoration. There are many species of starfish in the ocean. The creative idea of decorating the house with starfish is genuinely fantastic, but there are certain things which you need to know before you choose starfish for decoration.

Bleached White Knobby 

Try something different with Knobby Starfish


We at North Florida have a vast collection of real dried and bleached white Knobby mud starfish. As you plan to change the interiors of your house, there are many sizes available for Knobby starfish. These starfish are available in different lots of 3,6,12, 25, 50,100 & 500. The size of the starfish ranges from 1"+ 2"+, 3"+, 4"+, 5"+, & 6"+. There is no specific size available with starfish. There can be larger as well as the smaller size available according to the request. They are available in bulk for every occasion.


They can be used for a variety of art and craft projects. Either you have a beach-themed party, or you have planned a themed wedding these starfish will add beauty to the occasion. For elegance, they can be attached with glitter and ribbon to make it look different in the crowd.


These starfish can also be used for making jewelry. They look more beautiful when they are fitted with an LED bulb installed in a bottle. Customers around the globe can place an order for a bulk bag when they are unopened and unsorted they are sent just as they were dried naturally. A collection of starfish will bind the attention of the guest when it is kept in the center of the dining table. It will create an ocean-themed centerpiece for your schedule. When they are placed in the glass bowl on the table, it will remind you of the beautiful beach you visited.    

The Final Thought

We have the best collection of Knobby Starfish, which are dried naturally without any chemical treatment. We at North Florida Shells provide you the collection at best prices.

The sizes are not exact, and there is no specific color available as they are a natural product from nature.  So get ready to give a perfect look to your house on special occasions.