Sea horse is a beautiful marine creature which is found in the ocean throughout the world. It is a type of fish with a long and curly tail, a spiny body with a crown on its head. Seahorses are colorful and come in some sizes. The seahorse hides in the seaweeds to make themselves invisible to any prey as well as they mix with the environment.

They are unique creatures. Their heads look like horses. This is what makes them different from other creatures in the ocean.  They are mostly found in tropical temperatures and environments. They can grow up to a size of 14 inches and could be as small as half an inch.

1"+ sea horses

The Use of Dried Sea Horse     

North Florida shells offer the best-dried seahorse in a limited budget. They are sold according to the budget and requirement of the customers. The dried seahorse is sold in quantities of 3, 6, 12, 25, and 100. Dried seahorses are the best option to decorate your house with a different theme. The sea horses at north Florida offers the best deal. 

Sea horses have dorsal fins as they can flap them up to 35 times per second which helps them to move forward. They swim in an upright position as they cannot move fast. The seahorse is dried for house decoration to give a different look to the interiors. Either it is a festive season or wedding sea horse can be used for every purpose.

The clients who are looking for decoration in an aquatic theme the dried sea horse is the best option for them. The sea horses are available with or without tail depending upon the availability of the sea horses. They are present in a limited number. The limited quantities are preserved species so that no one can disturb them in the ocean.

They look more beautiful when they are combined with dried seashells. Try new interiors for your home with the combination of sea horses and dried shells with North Florida Shells.