Have you ever thought of changing the interior of your house and transforming it into a nautical retreat? Are you worried about the enormous expenses it would need? Trust me; there are numerous ways by which you can make your dream come true!

It is not an unknown fact that people feel more relaxed when they have a beachy vibe around. In fact, there is something near the ocean, sea, lake, or river that makes everyone calm and stress-free. And to your surprise, this is the reason why fish tanks are kept in hospitals and dentist offices.

Bringing these small sea creatures can make your home look elegant and classy. And you don’t have to add too many elements to your room for giving a nautical theme; just a few things are enough. The best part is that you can DIY them with only a few things. Even if your house is not beside the water, you will have to buy a few required things from North Florida Shells. Trust me; they will look amazing.

Purple Barnacle Cluster

Nautical decor ideas for your home-

1. Purple barnacle cluster showpiece-

Purple barnacle clusters are one of the most beautiful sea creatures that our mother nature has created. It is a group of arthropods with shells made of articulated plates. These purple barnacle clusters are best for using as a showpiece on the table of your guest room, living room or bathroom. They give a coral feel to the surrounding and also make the interior look innovative and classy. We have the best quality purple barnacle clusters which are naturally extracted from nature.

2. Wall art with painted hermit crab shells-

If you are tired of your blank and boring wall paint, then we have a fantastic wall art idea for you. You can make 3D wall art with just a few painted hermit crab shells and a picture frame. All you have to do is collect an old picture frame and paste the hermit crabs on it with a hot glue gun. Let it dry and then hang it on the wall. The best part is that there is no particular way by which you have to stick the shells. You can experiment with it and make different designs. Our hermit shells are naturally painted with beautiful designs and patterns that make them look attractive.

3. Bed sheets and pillow covers with sand dollar prints-

Prints of sand dollars on your bed sheets and pillows give a beachy vibe to the surrounding. And to make it, you will need just a few things such as plan bed sheets and pillow covers, a sand dollar and a set of fabric paint. All you have to do is to dip the sand dollar in the paint and then press it on the cloth piece. Leave it to dry, and that’s it! You will get beautifully printed bed sheets and pillow covers.

These are just a few ideas which can transform your home into a nautical retreat. All the products which are used to make execute these ideas are super affordable and easily available at the North Florida Shells inline store.

So what are you waiting for? Make your home a relaxing place to live!

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