Collecting beautiful seashells is one of the most common hobbies. It is not just about a trip to the beach and spending some time scouring the shore for seashells; people buy wholesale seashells in bulk from reliable online sellers, such as North Florida Shells. 


But, what can one do with those shells apart from just storing them? Since there is no doubt that seashells are extremely pretty on their own, you can do a lot of creative things with this beautiful nature's gift.


Here are the best and easiest crafts to make with wholesale seashells in bulk. Pick your favorite one and try making it today!


1. Candle stands - 


What else can look better than a candle stand that offers a coral vibe? It's actually a candle stand FROM the ocean that you can easily create at home! All you have to do is take some beautiful seashells, paint it and let it dry. Now pour some melted wax into the shells and add some scented oil for fragrance. That's it!


2. Wind Chime - 


While picturing a house near the beach, isn't there always a beautiful wind chime tinkling in the breeze? Bring the same feeling back home by creating a coral wind chime with whole seashells in bulk that you once bought for some fun project.


To make a wind chime, get some threads, a hot glue gun, and a piece of wood. Take a long piece of thread and tie it to the piece wood from either side. Now, get some shorter strings and stick it to the wooden piece at a uniform distance. Similarly, glue the seashells to the string according to your choice. And you are done!


3. Christmas Ornament -


Christmas ornaments are full of memories and things that you love the most. For this one, you will need a simple glass bulb. Fill it with sand and tiny seashells. Tie this unique and creative ornament on your Christmas tree to make your family know what you love the most.


4. Bridal Bouquet -


Getting married on the beach has now become a trend. If you are also following this drift, or just want an oceanic feel to the flowers around your home, then make a bouquet with your seashells. All you need to do is add some shells between the flowers in your bouquets for a pretty, shore-worthy look. You can also add dried sea urchins and starfish to make it more attractive.


5. Hairpin -


What to show off your seashell collection? The best way is to make the perfect summer accessory. Grab some bobby pins, glue, and clear nail polish. Stick the shell to the end of the pin, and once it dries, apply some nail polish over it for some shine. That's all you have to do to flaunt your coral accessories!


Bottom line -


At North Florida Shells, we have an elite collection of dried sea creatures, including hermit crab shells, starfish, etc. We also sell high-quality wholesale seashells in bulk that are offered at the best price. We make sure to deliver the best products so that you don't regret choosing us over others!