Crown of Thorns Starfish
Crown of Thorns Starfish

Crown of Thorns Starfish

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Dried Crown of Thorns Starfish
Part Number: SF -1023

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Crown of Thorns Starfish Natural dried.

This is a awesome species to add to any collection.

This starfish is a treat for the triton creature to munch on and hunted by man to help save our coral reefs. Each one is unique.

These species starfish are used by many for crafts, display or collectibles use. Sizes are not exact and sold in a rough range not exact and may possibly be slightly smaller or larger. Sorry we do not do special size requests. Please note that this starfish will have a strong odor until it is aired out.

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Starting at $5.95 Free shipping!
Prices vary by size. Free Shipping!
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As low as $6.95 each. + Free Shipping!

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