Every household has a lot of baskets that may not appear attractive after a period of time. These baskets vary in color, shapes, and sizes; and it is very hard to find any similarities in them that can match the ambiance of your room. 

So, what to do with these baskets?

Rather than throwing them away; you can simply decorate it and give it a beachy feel by adding some beautiful while starfish. It makes the room look more relaxing and establish a vacation vibe. It can actually look better if you have wood floors and some bamboo lamps.

Starfish is one of the best gifts of nature to those who love visiting the beach and collect some valuable things as a happy memory. These creatures have a unique look with uncommon body shape, size, and colour. From the time of being picked up from a sea beach, they are the best option for decorating your house.

White Finger Starfish

How to make white starfish basket?

Decorating the baskets with starfish is a super easy task. There are just a few things that you will need, which we have mentioned below:


  • White starfish
  • Basket
  • Thin jute or string
  • Scissors

 DIY Starfish basket -  

· With the use of your fingers, poke the jute or string through the front side of the basket. Weave it in between the material of the basket in such a way that there is enough space in the seagrass basket to poke it through without the use of any other tool.  

· If your basket is woven very finely, then use a pair of tweezers or needle-nose pliers to do the same. The task of fitting the rope or string through the material will be easier if the basket has a larger weave. Make sure that your weaving looks neat and tidy, without creating any mess.  

· Once you are done with weaving, tie the ends of the string on the inside of the basket. Make sure it is tight enough to support the starfish that will be put on it. You can use colors and paints to decorate the string or rope in whichever design you want.  

At last, stick the starfish on the woven thread with the help of the glue. Leave it aside to dry. And that's it! 

Where to get your white starfish from? 

At North Florida Shells, we offer the best-quality sea creatures such as hermit shells and much more that are perfect for every occasion; starting from weddings to home decor. With an extensive collection of white starfish and other sea creatures, we have everything that can fulfill all your requirements. You can get a wide variation in sizes, colors, and shapes as they are naturally extracted from the environment.  

So, it is your time to give a perfectly relaxing ambiance to your house for every upcoming special occasion.