White starfish is a gift from the ocean to the people who love to visit on the beach. It is also used to decorate houses to give an elegant look to the interiors.  

Starfish in white gives a royal look to the decoration of your house. Color provided by nature makes it the first choice of the people.

White Finger (Pencil) Starfish

White Star Fish for Decoration

 The size of natural white starfish ranges 3”+to 4”+. The white finger pencil starfish is sold individually as well as in bulk. As they are sold in bulk, the size of the starfish varies. As they are natural and not, man made the leg position and length may vary, and there may be imperfections.

White starfish can be used for making ornaments. When they are tied with different types of ribbon and decorated with sparkle dust, it makes them the perfect for the festive decoration. They can be combined with some decorative items like LED bulb fitted in a bottle. The starfish fitted in a jar with LED light makes it look different and perfect for any occasion.

These lovely little-sophisticated creatures can also be used for wrapping gifts. The colourful gift wrappers when tied with the ribbon on the gift will leave a good impression on the recipient of the gift. The customers can get the starfish in bags of 3,6,12, or more. It is great to use in the kid's craft, wedding decorations and Christmas. When the Christmas tree is decorated with lights, and the white starfish are placed at the top, it makes the tree complete and perfect for the Christmas celebration.

These creatures can also be displayed along with other shells and urchins in a decorative showpiece. The showpiece can be placed in the office, or living room. Apart from this, the white starfish can be used in the centrepiece of the dining table. A bowl filled with the shells and sand gives a fantastic look to your dining table. It can also be filled in the glass jar which is the simplest and elegant way to display the starfish.

The little creatures can add a lot of beauty to the interiors. There are many species of the starfish which can be used for decoration. They can be combined with any decoration material to give a different look to the interior.