Seashells have always fascinated our lives in a unique and beautiful context. With each of the seashells, having a story of its own, these little shells reflects us meticulously. You cannot collect all the beautiful shells over the beaches. But can indeed contemplate the memories, so that while you walk, you can hear them sing for you. 

With a handful of seashells and a headful of memories, we provide a wide variety of seashells for you in bulk. The purpose of celebration in your life may change, but our seashells are static with your best memories intact. You can buy seashells in bulk from us for a wedding occasion, craft purposes, or holiday decoration. Indeed, you do not look for happiness, though, being happy, you look for seashells. Let the sand in you roll onto the spaces in calmness. Explore the best collection of seashells with us now.

North Florida Shells: Embellishing seashells to sketching memories

We offer a wide variety in the bulk shells category from starfish, Urchins, Bulk shell mix, and many more. You can order from our extensive collection of for shell products that match your occasions blissfully. We, at North Florida Shells, sell the top-quality dried sea life, starfish and seashells at affordable price. We assure you of the quality that we provide you. The various sea life items are not mass produced but are uniquely chosen with their healing character.

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Our featured products

  • Nautilus pearl seashells

Often called the “mother of pearl,” nautilus pearl seashells are available for you with different shell sizes. Portraying its beautiful enigma, it is a unique shell that can captivate your mind. You can explore more about the Nautilus pearl seashell category with us now. 

  • LambisTroncata Spider shell

LambisTroncata is known to be the largest and heaviest of spider shells, which is up to 40cm. Unique in its design, it is available at our shop at an affordable cost. The LambisTroncata spider shell has a more squarish outline, making it attractive among the buyers. 

You can buy seashells in bulk with the best quality and optimized wholesale price from us.

In conclusion

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