The crabs are one of the creatures that are easily found on the seashore. The unique features and the interesting characteristics of the crabs make them be kept as cute pets in your home. On the other side, the crabs are one of the favorite cuisines in restaurants and hotels. The crab shells are famous among the people for their incredible beauty. The crabs are different from others as they are covered with hard shells.    

There are numerous decorated hermit crab shells which add an element of elegance to your home. The crab shells are available in a different size, colors, and textures which make it even more beautiful. These shells not only protect the crabs, but they also maintain the level of moisture in their body.

Painted Race Design Hermit Crab Shells

Hermit Crab Shells for Decoration

Every individual has different tastes when it comes to change the interiors. The decorated hermit crab shells not only add a visual appeal to the interiors of your home but also make your home the place to live on the planet. Some crabs change their shells often to keep it for a longer time.  At North Florida Shells we have maintained the quality of hermit crab shells. The hermit crab shells come polished with natural colors.

The imperfections in size make them look beautiful as they are not manmade. The creation by nature makes them the best option for home decoration. The two shells cannot be of the same shape and size. The decorated hermit crab shells are in demand among the people worldwide. The size of the hermit crab shells varies from 1/16”+ to 1”.

There are various types of shells for decoration as per the requirement of the homeowners. At North Florida Shells we have the fresh shells at best prices. We make sure that the crab shells are in good condition. The shells don’t have holes and cracks that have been painted with bright colors.
People who are looking for original crab shells, North Florida shells are one of the ideal places for purchasing shells for your home.

There are certain important things which you need to know about hermit crab shells:-

(1.) Hermit’s Diet  

The hermit’s crabs are both carnivore and scavengers. They consume warms, plankton, and organic debris.

(2.) Various Colors and Patterns

According to research, there are around more than 500 types of hermit crab shells which are found all around the globe. The combination of patterns and dots in the body makes them even more beautiful.

We at North Florida Shells offer you the best in a limited budget. Decorate your house with hermit crab shells to impress the guest as well as make your home a beautiful place to live.