What can be a smoother conversation starter than these beautiful, dried urchins from the North Florida Shells? With their enigmatic hues of colors, the dried urchins beat the conventional décor items right in their first place.

Times are changing, your home decors are changing, but your taste is still the trendiest one, if you are looking for the best-dried urchins for your interiors! It will not be wrong to say that the dried urchins are among the most fascinating and lovely sea creatures that anyone can be fond of! It does not matter whether you are looking for something precious or something just complementary to your existing living room decor; the dried urchins can be the perfect choice for anything worth sight!

Dried Urchins

Where can you find the best quality dried urchins for your home?

At the North Florida Shells, you can buy different sea products. They are not only handmade but are also available in the best quality. Nothing can beat the quality at the right price, and so our online store presents its vast range of products designed and showcased just as your need. From the novelty products to the different sea items, including the starfish, sea urchins, and the marvelous purple barnacles, you can get it all at just the minimum price.

The dried urchins are available at our online store in different sizes. You can choose the quantity you want, and the price would depend mainly on what you prefer. Here is an idea about the dried urchins that we sell for your home decors and the precious collection boxes to mark a difference for all your decoration needs.

Dried urchins at the North Florida Shells

The dried urchins that are available online measure around 1’’+ to 2’’ in size. Yes, this is the perfect size of the dried urchins that you can use in any part of your decoration requisites.

These dried urchins are naturally dried. Note that we do not use any artificial method for drying these sea urchins, and thus, these lovely creatures retain their originality for an exquisite vibe. Indeed, the dried urchins you can see in our store are also naturally colored, and so the tint can vary in different lots.

If you want, you can also paint the dried urchins as per your taste. The dried urchins from the North Florida Shells are easy to paint or dye to match your interiors. Indeed, to do that, it would be better to know the appropriate ways to use them, right? So, get your notebooks ready to know about the different ways in which you can use the dried urchins.

How to sue the dried urchins?

  • Art and craft
  • Wedding decoration items
  • A theme party for birthdays and anniversaries
  • A new patterned cover for your central table
  • A present for your friends and family
  • Perfect for your paintings and canvas decorations
  • Mirror decors
  • Revamp the aesthetics of your interiors and many more!

The bottom line

The dried urchins can be used just as you want them! Indeed, there is no hard and fast rule to use these beautiful and mesmerizing sea products in a fenced room. It can be applied to any part of the house, be it the terrace or the garden. Let the story of these dried urchins narrate the ambiance of your space.

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