Green Urchins Dried Small
Dried Green Urchins

Green Urchins Dried Small

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Green Urchins Dried Small
Part Number: SU - 1018B

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Dried Green Urchins.

Bulk lots of green urchins.

These urchins measure around 1 1/2"+ to 2"+ in size.

These bags are unsorted, tints will vary from light to darker tints. They can be painted to any color tint you desire with any spray paint. We ship them to you the same way they come in.

Available in lots of 3, 6, 12, 25,50 & 100 count and larger lots when available in sizes 1"+ These urchins are one of the most popular with our crafters, wedding planners, and collectors.

Great to use in Crafts, Wedding, Decorations, Christmas and more! Free standard shipping! This is a super fragile item damage may and does Happen in shipping. Buyers buying this item to be shipped do so at their own risk, and we suggest you pay insurance or ship the order with ups to be covered for any damage.

No returns will be allowed on this item. Buyers buying this item please make sure they are the size you need before buying!

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