Hermit crabs are one of a kind. No doubt! Besides their beautiful body, there are many unknown things about the little creature - especially, that they locate and use another animal's shell to survive and habitat. A hermit crab carries this "borrowed" shell, and it covers its soft abdomen while still keeping and regulating moisture inside the shell. Some hermit crabs seem to change shells very frequently, while others seem to be more hesitant.  

There tend to be several species distinctions in terms of shell shifts and preferred shells. Hermit crabs in the Caribbean change shells regularly, while Ecuadorian crabs keep the same shell for a long time, even if it is becoming too thin. 

Hermit Crab Shells: Things to Know About the Little Creature

Shell Collection for Your Hermit Crab - 

If you are looking for hermit crab shells for your pet, then it is important you consider a few points. There are several different types of shells to choose from, and it can take some trial and error to figure out which one your crab likes when changing shells.  

  • Size: Have many shells with similar sized openings, as well as some that are slightly bigger, for each size of the crab. If your crabs are in shells that are a little too large, have some that are a little smaller. If you have a wide range of sizes, your crab is likely to choose one that is just right.
  • Aperture (the shape of the opening): At least before you find out your crabs' tastes, including shells with various shaped openings. The shape of the openings varies: round, oval, D-shaped, or slit-shaped. When it comes to shells, hermit crabs seem to have distinct species preferences.
  • Shell type: While it's great to have a variety of shells, make sure you have some shells that are the same (or similar) to the one your crab is currently using.
  • Quality: Broken or holed shells are not appropriate. Hermit crabs need intact shells that can retain a small amount of water to keep their gills moist. 

Painted Hermit Crab Shells- 

Hermit Crab Shells

Painted hermit crab shells for decorations are commonly found on the internet. North Florida Shells has the best range of dried sea creatures that range from starfish to sea urchins. You can find the best quality hermit crab shells of all sizes, shapes, and colors that are naturally extracted from nature. 

The Bottom Line - 

Hermit crabs look incredibly beautiful and appealing with their shells on. Also, this is the reason why most people prefer to shop for the best hermit crab shells for their pets.  

This can be difficult because many pet shops have a small range or it is hard to find the ideal seller. North Florida Shells has the best collection of hermit crab shells that are available at reasonable costs. Call us now on 386.758.1304 for more details! 

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