Hermit crabs are one of the most beautiful creations found in the water bodies. They have some unique and interesting characters that are fun to observe. These creatures are also a common pet as people enjoy watching these crabs enter their shells quickly. 


More than 500 different species of hermit crabs are found across the globe. This means that it is obvious to find a wide variety of colors and patterns for large turbo hermit crab shells, including stripes, dots, and more.


Hermit crabs grow and move to new shells. So, if you are thinking of keeping one of these crabs at home, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind about hermit crab shells.

large turbo hermit crab shells


Hermit crabs relation to other crabs -


Hermit crabs are associated with other crabs; however, they have a very different abdomen, which is not covered with a hard shell. This part of a hermit crab is extremely smooth and spirally curved. The crabs attached it to the inside of an empty snail shell, called the hermit crab shell, to protect it. 


Things to know about pet hermit crabs -


Hermit crab is a very unique and different species than the marine creatures. Hermits that are sold as pets are land crabs imported from the tropics. They breathe with gills but can exist out of the water for a long time. They need a source of water, either fresh or salty, to moisten their gills, but they don't need to soak in water. Also, since they have a soft abdomen when the crab grows in size, they switch to a larger shell that is more comfortable for them. So, you need to provide them with hermit crab shells of various sizes and shapes for them to choose the ideal one.


Hermit crabs are carnivorous as well as scavengers. They survive on eating small creatures such as worms, plankton, and organic debris that are present in the water bodies. 


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