Our home is an extension of our lifestyle, and therefore we all try our best to make it look best. But it is hard to buy expensive home decor for people to make their house look attractive and stylish. So, here we have listed some ideas which will help you decorate your house with sea creatures like starfish and sand dollars, giving a very beachy vibe to the surrounding. Once you get an idea of how do you decorate your house, you can then embellish it yourself.

White Knobby - White Pencil Starfish - Sand dollar lot

But before that, what do you mean by starfish and sand dollars?

Starfish and Sand Dollars-

Sand dollars are sea creatures with extraordinarily flat and round body structure. These creatures have pretty white shells with a beautiful star shape stamped on one side of the shell.

Starfish are often called sea stars because of their start shaped body structure. They are found in various beautiful shapes, sizes, and colors. They usually have a central disc with five or more number of arms.

Home decor ideas with starfish and sand dollars-

1. Home decor with starfish (Wall decor)-

Items used:

·        Starfish (any size, shape, and color)

·        Some small triangle hangers

·        Hot glue gun


·        The first thing which you have to do is decide in which direction you have to place your starfishes. Once you choose your desired position, flip it upside down (something like you do with a pancake).

·        Take the hot glue gun and start adhering the triangle hangers either on the legs of the starfish or in the middle. Let it dry.

·        Now, place these starfishes on your room wall in whichever pattern you want. Make sure that the hanger is nicely stuck to the starfish; otherwise, it will fall off the wall.

·        And that’s it! You can decorate your entire room with these starfishes to give a beachy vibe to your room.

2. Home decor with sand dollars (window and door curtains)-

Item used:

·        Sand dollars (any size, color, and shape)

·        Fishing line string

·        Thin rod (of the length of your window/door)

·        Beads


·        Take a string of the fishing line. It should be as long as the length of your window/door.

·        Now drill a hole in the sand dollars and strung them with the fishing line. Maintain a uniform space between two sand dollars. You can also add beads between the sand dollars.

·        Once you are done with a single string, make a few of them (at least 10).

·        Tie these strings to the rod in varying distances.

·        Place this rod nicely above your window or door.

Yes, it is as simple as that!

Both these home decors will just need a few minutes to be made. You can try more home decors with starfish and sand dollars, to give your home a very refreshing touch.

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