It is necessary to choose the perfect decorated shells for hermit crabs to allow them to try new opportunities for their home. Every crab needs a different kind of shells depending upon its size and shape. So, it is essential to gather all the vital information about shells and select the most appropriate one instead of wasting plenty of money on various shells.

Smiley Faces Painted Hermit Crab Shells

How to choose the decorated hermit crab shell of the proper size?

One of the most crucial aspects while choosing a shell for your hermit is its size. Most of the decorated hermit crab shells are said to be of 3 inches in total width, but the only thing that matters for a crab is the diameter measurement of the opening.

You can easily find a shell caliper to precisely measure the opening of a shell. However, you can also accurately measure it by eyeballing the opening on a ruler. The hermit crabs which are smaller in size usually inhabit in shells of size ? inch to ½ inch, whereas the medium-sized crabs inhibit in ½ inches to 1 inch, and the larger ones in 1 inch to 1 ? inch. The jumbo crabs need shells with an opening diameter of almost 3 inches or larger. Once you are done with accurately measuring the crab’s size, select decorative shells that are about ? to a ¼ inch wider than the shell in which your hermit crab is currently inhibiting.

Another thing which you have to keep in mind while choosing a decorated hermit crab shell is the shape of the opening. Your crab might only choose shells with a round or D-shaped openings. So, it is better to check the current shell’s opening shape, before getting another one.

From where should you buy a decorated hermit crab shell?

You can get hermit shells accessories of various sizes and shapes from multiple sellers. But it is hard to find the best product which would be worth your money.

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