Lip smacking clam shells for baking are in-demand all the time as they are extremely easy to make. They are also the perfect appetizer for everyone and for every occasion. You can also freeze them for a long time and can have them as quick snacks anytime, without any hassle!

Baking Scallop Clams Seafood Cooking shells

Tips for choosing Clams shells for baking-

Just like any other seafood, it is very crucial for you to have the necessary knowledge about clams, their size and their many varieties choose from. Also, it is always better to know some of the tips which will help you select the best natural clam shells for baking. Properly storing clams shells at home is also an essential factor to know!

If you are searching for clams on your own, then make sure to avoid paralytic shellfish poisoning (PSP). PSP is a potentially fatal marine biotoxin which is mostly present on the coasts of the United States. And trust me, once clam is all it takes to harm your body!

The authority personals inspect the clams which are sold commercially. However, it is better to check it once more by yourself. Precaution is always better than cure!

If you handle the clam shells for baking properly, then they may last for around two days in the refrigerator and under ideal conditions.

Clam shell recipe-

Ingredients used-

·        2 chopped onions

·        5 garlic crushed cloves

·        1 cup of dry white wine

·        16 clams, scrubbed

·        Herbed Breadcrumb for Stuffing

·        Seaweed, for serving (optional)


·        Keep your pot on medium-high heat and pour olive oil to it. Add the chopped onions and sauté it for a while and then add garlic and stir again for almost 1 minute. After mixing for a while, add the wine and then bring it to a simmer.

·        After some time, add the clams and stir nicely so that all the ingredients combine. Cover the lid of the pot and steam until clams open.

·        Remove your utensil from heat and transfer the clams to a rimmed baking sheet. Let it cool. Strain the clam broth with a sieve, and keep the broth aside for the stuffing.

·        Once the clams cool, remove all meat and keep it aside. Now discard half of each clam shell and arrange the other halves on a rimmed baking sheet.

·        Nicely cut each clam into ½-inch pieces and again keep them back on the shells. Keep the oven to preheat on 350 degrees for clam shell baking.

·        Add the stuffing to the into the clam shells and press it with the back of a spoon. Let the clams bake till the top turns golden.

·        For serving, you can nestle clams on seaweed.

So, now that you have got the stuffed clam recipe, go and bake you clams!

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