It is hard to get over the relaxing beachy vibe, once you are back from an extended summer vacation near the beach. Isn’t it?

So, why not bring the beach home with some very easy and quick home decorating ideas with dried urchins!

Dried urchins are one of the most beautiful sea creatures that can be converted into fantastic home décor. All you have to do is follow a few simple steps with the use of some readily available items.

Whole Sputnik Sea Urchins

What are some of the home décor ideas with dried urchins?

1. 3D wall hangings-

Adding some decorative wall hanging to your house is one of the easiest ways to help you bring the outside in, and imagine the impact if it is a 3D wall hanging! 3D wall hangings are more impactful as well as attractive, compare to any other boring and usual home décor.

To make a wall hanging, you have to collect some beautiful dried urchins of various shapes and sizes. Along with that, you will need a photo frame, hot glue gun, and some small sand dollars.

First, take the photo frame and nicely stick the dried urchins to it in whatever design. It can be a bit tricky to glue them; therefore using a hot glue gun is the best options for making it firm. Once you are done with the dried urchins, stick the sand dollars in the gaps left between them. Let it dry nicely, and then your 3D wall hanging is ready!

2. Do something with paint-

Incorporating bright colors around your surroundings is another way to bring the beach vibe. If you are a great painter, then you can paint your wall yourself with some beautiful vibrant colors such as blue, green, etc. Otherwise, it is a safe option to hire a painter who can paint your wall well. Along with this, you can make an ocean like a mural or paint some pictures of urchins and other sea creatures, so that you get a more sea-like surrounding.

This is a very effective way to ensure happiness and freshness around!

3. Coral paperweight-

Have you ever thought that dried urchins can be excellent paperweights? Yes, you heard it right!

To give a new and exciting coral look to your study room or library, you can use big dried urchins of various shapes and sizes as a paperweight. Not only will it look beautiful, but will also give a unique touch.

Where will you get the best-dried urchins?

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