Real sand dollars are one of the most beautiful and attractive sea creatures. It is hard to resist from buying them when you get real sand dollars for sale or on a beach. But what will we do with them once we buy it?

The best way to put your unique collection on show is by turning them into fantastic home decors, rather than storing them away in a box or basket. Sand dollars can give a beach vibe to your surroundings and give you the thrill of enjoying their beauty.

Flat Tan Starfish Sand dollars

Tips to decorate your house with the real sand dollar-

1. Door and window curtains-

Sand dollars look beautiful when strung together on thin strands of fishing line. These strands can also be used as decorative door and window curtains. Tie small knots between the columns so that the sand dollars are placed securely on their place. To put it on your doorways and windows, you have to simply tie these lines to a thin bamboo.

You can also add small crab shells with pre-drilled holes to it or a handful of beads reminiscent to make it more attractive.

2. Chandeliers and lampshades-

Sand dollars along with some pre-drilled capiz shells can be used to make chandelier and lampshades. You can also add ribbons and fabric pieces to customize your lampshade. To make your lampshade and chandelier look gorgeous, you can alternately tie the shells and sand dollars along with some colorful glass beads. It depends on you how you want to design it and decorate along with which kind of bulb you want to have.

3. Decorate flower vase-

Decorating flower vase with sand dollars is perhaps one of the easiest ways by which you can decorate the flowers vase in your house. A few sand dollars and starfish are enough for this. You can stick the sand dollars in various shapes and designs with an adhesive to your dull and old vase and make it look engaging and unique. If you want to customize it more, then you can also add shells to it.

4. Seaside-chic wreath for all seasons-

Sand dollars can be transformed into a beautiful seaside-chic wreath with a floral foam disc or wreath form and a hot glue gun. A small ribbon tied around the decorated disc can be used as a hanger to it. All you have to do is stick your sand dollars to the disc according to your wish. To fill the gaps, you can use small seashells of various sizes and shapes. The best part about this wreath is that will be there forever, without getting damaged, unlike floral wreaths.

So, now that you know some exciting tips on how to decorate your house with sand dollars; go and get some real sand dollars in which are available in sale!

From where should you get real sand dollars for sale?

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