Wearing a golden cowrie shell necklace is one of the most famous trends of the ’90s. But the good thing is that it has returned for the spring. People are paying a large amount of money to be part of this trend. But not you! How? You can simply DIY a golden cowrie shell necklace yourself, without wasting any money. 


Trust me; it is very easy to make one. You can personalize it according to your wish by adding beads and other ornamental things!


Golden Cowrie - Cyprea Aurantium

DIY a golden cowrie shell necklace - 


Making a golden cowrie shell necklace is one of the best ways to flaunt your exclusive collection of jewellery along with saving a few bucks. All you will need is some easily available things which we have listed below-


What You Need:


  • Golden Cowrie Shells
  • Spray Paint
  • Bead cord or twine
  • Spacer beads (optional); look for spacer beads with large holes
  • Glue


Let’s get started:


Following the steps mentioned below can help you make a beautiful shell necklace that looks elegant and pricey. So, if you want one for yourself, then have a look at the steps-


  • Take 15-20 shells and paint it according to your wish, in a well-ventilated area. Make sure to flip and spray the other side of the shell, once one side is completely dry. Repeat this process a few times, so that the paints nicely stick to the shells. 
  • Also, to protect your hands and other body parts from paint, apply some lotions and creams on it, which will help you remove the paint after it dries.
  • Now that the twine or bead cord and measure the length you want for your necklace. Double the length and stick the two ends with glue.
  • Take the glue again and carefully place the shells and beads on the twine, the way you want to make your necklace. 
  • Once you are done with the placing, stick it nicely with glue. Keep it aside and let it dry. You can also thread the shells and beads with a needle. 
  • At last, tie both the ends of the necklace tight enough that the shells do not fall off.
  • If you are feeling extra crafty, then you can also make a choker with the help of a ribbon instead of the bead cord or twine. 


And that’s it. This is all you have to do to make a stylish, trendy jewellery piece without wasting any money. 


Where to buy golden cowrie shells from?


At North Florida Shells, we have an extensive collection of best-quality golden cowrie shells which are available at attractive prices. Our shells can be used as a decorative piece on every occasion; starting from weddings to just home decors. We also have a wide variety of white starfish and other sea creatures, with variation in sizes, colours, and shapes as they are naturally extracted from the environment.  

Make your golden cowrie shell necklace to flaunt it everywhere!