Are you planning a beach-themed wedding? In case you are, then a seashell bridal bouquet is the best thing you can do to go with your wedding vibe. These bouquets are becoming widely popular these days, and you can easily make them buying wholesale seashells in bulk. This unique concept looks extremely beautiful and is also easy to make at home.

If you search for Seashell Wedding Bouquets on the internet, you will find several different types from where you can choose the ones you like. Some are made exclusively with seashells, and others have both flowers and seashells. When you are making a DIY wedding bouquet for yourself, you can add flowers depending on your choice.

wholesale seashells in bulk

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DIY seashells bridal bouquet -

Material used:

·        Flowers (8–10)

·        Wholesale Seashells

·        Floral Wire

·        Floral Tape

·        Wrapped Floral Wire

·        Pearl Headed Straight Pins

·        Ribbon

·        Glue Gun & Glue Sticks

·        Craft Pearls

·        Starfish and sea urchins

Most of the supplies mentioned above are not too expensive to buy. The only thing you will need is ample time to best available in the market.


·        Buy the best wholesale seashells in bulk from trustworthy sellers such as North Florida Shells, at attractive prices. Also, collect the flowers that you want to add to your bouquet.

·        Once you get all your supplies, stick the seashells according to your preference in your bouquet onto wrapped floral wire. This may take some time as it needs a lot of planning and some skills also. After all the shells are glued properly to the floral wire, it is time that you assemble your bridal bouquet.

·        At last, you have to arrange the flowers and the seashells in whatever pattern you want. Make sure to keep changing the pattern until you find the look that you want for your big day.

·        To make your bouquet look more beautiful, add some pearls and other dried sea creatures such as starfish and sea urchins.

And that’s all you have to do to make a beautiful bridal bouquet with wholesale seashells in bulk.

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