There's nothing like getting a little bit of the ocean into your home by filling bowls with seashells, urchins, and starfish. But the most useful and mesmerizing utilization of these sea creatures is to place them in bowls and use them to decorate coffee tables or mantels. 

So, if you live near the beach and want to add a unique theme to your beachfront cottage, you can think about scallop shells for sale

That's why we've compiled a list of beautiful seashell decorating ideas in the hopes that these will inspire you to make your home décor more unique and reminiscent of the sea, notably if you're missing it right now!

Candles made from scallop shells 

Cut the thread of the candle to the correct length. Apply a small amount of glue to the candle wick with the hot glue gun. Place in the shell and set aside to cool. Following the candle wax heating directions, pour liquid wax into the shell, partially filling it. Consider using a grouping of shell candles in a shallow glass bowl filled with sand as a centerpiece.

Fairy lights in scallop shells 

Tape a two-foot portion of lights to your work surface, flattening the bulbs. Apply a tiny amount of hot glue to the hinge of the shell with the glue stick. Attach the shell hinge to the light bulb's foundation. Continue with each bulb, allowing each two-foot section to dry for about five minutes before moving on to the next.

Scallop Shell terracotta pot 

Using latex paint as a foundation, paint the pot with a brush. The scallop shells should then be hot glued to the top of the jar. To give the planter a sand beach look, uniformly spray the pot with spray paint.

Wind chimes with scallops 

Arrange about six driftwood lengths vertically and horizontally at the top of your workspace with the driftwood bits. Make a hole at the top of every piece of driftwood. Thread the twine through the hole and tie it around the end, either with holes or a knot. Drill a hole in the top of every scallop shell after that. Make a string of around five or six shells per strand by tying a simple slip knot with a fishing line. Attach each strand of scallop shells to the top driftwood piece. Drape a length of twine from the horizontal top piece after all of the vertical driftwood parts and shell strings have been attached.

The Bottom Line 

Scallops shells are incredibly beautiful and look amazing when decorated in a house. The above list might have given you an insight into the various ways by which you can furnish them!

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