When it comes to decorating for Christmas, you can experiment with a lot of things. Purple barnacle cluster is also one of those experimental things that are great for home decoration. 


From 7" to 10", you can find beautiful purple barnacles of different sizes, colors, and shapes, as they extracted naturally from the environment. When barnacles are kept in groups, they look like flowers and seem to be extremely beautiful. You can find purple barnacles in beaches as little blossoms that look even prettier.


Purple barnacle clusters can be a perfect addition for the Christmas Eve. These clusters are naturally dried without any use of chemicals or artificial techniques to enhance natural beauty. It will add a tropical and coastal feel to the holiday season decorations. Also, it can be incorporated in beach-theme weddings, parties, and other events. 

Purple Barnacle Cluster

Purple Barnacle Cluster


How to use purple barnacle clusters in Christmas decorations? 


With endless possibilities, the purple barnacle clusters can be used with almost every decorating time. Here we have listed a few ways by which you can use them in your holiday season decorations - 


1. Take a barnacle cluster and tie a rope to it. Now hang it on your Christmas tree. You can also use starfish or sand dollars. It will give a coastal vibe to the surrounding.


2. With the help of a hot glue gun, stick purple barnacle clusters to the flower vases, and lampshade stands. 


3. You can use purple barnacle clusters as a Christmas gift decorations. Once you pack your Christmas gift, stick a barnacle cluster on the top with a glue gun. That's it!


4. Add it to your fish tank and aquarium as a decorative piece.


Every purple barnacle cluster adds a refreshing and coastal flair to the surrounding, be it your home or workspace. However, one thing to keep in mind is to keep it away from kids as it has sharp edges. Also, they are incredibly delicate and so can be broken if not handled carefully.


The conclusion


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