One of the necessary aspects of owning a hermit crab is to know what your pet needs. There are many miscalculations that an owner faces while making this decision. The significant confusion amongst all is what kind of shell the owner should provide and where to get them, etc.


Here, we have listed all the vital things that you should know about a hermit crab!


Why do hermit crabs need shells?


Hermit crabs need shells to protect their soft and vulnerable abdomen. The shell works as a defense mechanism against predators and protects the hermit crab. The shell also helps preserve the moisture of the crab. These little creatures carry small amounts of water in their shells that help keeping their abdomen and gills moist.


Since a hermit crab shell fulfills so many vital functions in its life, it has developed structures to ensure that they maintain these shells. Hermit crabs have small hooks on their abdomen that give them a firm grip on their shells. You must never try to separate your pet crab from its shell. This would be extremely stressful as well as dangerous for your crab. 


How often will my hermit crab change its shell?


Hermit crabs will change the shells by themselves for various reasons. One of the most common reasons for it is that the crab outgrows its current shell and needs more space to accommodate its growing body. Hermit crabs often change shells to molt, as smaller shells are more conducive to the molting process. And sometimes they change for no apparent reason other than trying a new shell.


The most common type of domestic crab, the Caribbean hermit crab, changes the shells quite frequently and will often swap with each other if you have multiple crabs in one tank. Other types of hermit crabs are likely to change less frequently, although this varies between different breeds.


What type of shell should I buy for my hermit crab?


The shape of a hermit crab shell can affect the body shape of the crab for life. Therefore, it is essential that you carefully choose your pet shells. These crabs generally feel more comfortable in shells that are of the same shape as the shells they grew up in.


If you don't know what type of shell your crab grew in, get a variety of different shell shapes, and let your crab try to see which type it prefers. Some crab species can even carve the insides of their shells to better match the shape of their abdomen.


Which is the best place to buy hermit crab shells?


There are a large number of pet store chains online. However, not every store is the best place to buy hermit crab shells as they often sell shells that are in the incorrect shape for most hermit crab bodies, or even worse.


North Florida Shells is an excellent source of decorated hermit crab shells. Our store has an extensive collection of hermit crab shells along with other dried sea creatures, such as starfish, sea urchins, etc. You can also find good turbo shells as it is one of the most popular products.


The conclusion -


Hermit crabs are incredibly amazing creatures and are relatively easy to care for with just a little experience. When it comes to decorated hermit crab shells, knowing something about the type of shell your crab prefers will help you improve your pet's comfort.

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