At North Florida Shells, we sell and ship different sizes of turbo hermit crab shells. However when it comes to the demand of the size; the large turbo hermit crab shells are high on the rise.

Our range of specially selected turbo hermit crab shells is available with their mouth openings from around 1/6” + 1”.  Although you can find them in a variety of sizes; the large turbo hermit crab shells make for the best kinds to use.

Our 30+ assorted turbo shells hermit crab is absolutely real and original.  If you are looking to get the best of them all; North Florida Shells makes for one ideal online destination.

Assorted Turbo

Here are a few important things to know about the turbo hermit crab shells:

  • They don’t have a hard shell

The hermit crab is a type of crab that doesn’t come with a hard shell and Uses explicitly the shells for protection such as whelk shells. Basically when the hermit crab grows in size; they find the larger shell.  

  • The Hermit’s diet

Hermit crabs are both carnivorous and scavengers. They eat worms, plankton and, organic debris. And that’s what makes them one of the most interesting species.

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  • Diversifying color and pattern

With about 500 different species of hermit crabs all over the world; they are of varied colors and patterns like stripes and dots on their bodies. Most of them live on the ocean floor but there are many live on land as well. However, the female terrestrial hermit crabs are supposed to return to the sea to breed hermit crabs.

Nonetheless, with the large turbo hermit crab shells, you can find a lot of ways to use. So, what are you waiting for? Order right away!