For those who do not live near the beach, you can instantly bring some coastal vibes into your house by decorating home decor made of sea creatures. Whether you buy them or make it yourself at home, you cannot miss the home decor idea with white Starfish that is mentioned below. 

The white Starfish is one of the most beautiful sea creatures found in the oceans. Its white color reflects a sense of refreshment that instantly catches the attention of those who visits you. A starfish wreath is a wonderful way to welcome your guests and make them feel intrigued by your creativity. Besides this, you can also use it to decorate your events such as weddings or anniversaries. 

You can buy white Starfish from a nearby store or look for it on the internet. North Florida Shells is one of the best sellers available online, offering high-quality sea creatures at reasonable costs. From hermit crab shells to sea urchins, we have an extensive collection of sun-dried sea creatures that can work the best if you want to decorate your house. 

Make a Coral Wreath with White Starfish to Decorate Your Home

How to make a white starfish wreath? 

Things that you will need - 

  • White Starfish
  • Wire Wreath Form
  • Ribbon of Your Color Choice
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Wax paper
  • Silver color spray 

Procedure - 

1. Start with roughly laying out the Starfish to get an idea of how you want to position them. 

2. Now, take the hot glue gun and wrap the ribbon around the wreath form. Leave it for a few minutes to dry. 

3. Take a basket and place the wreath on it to stick the white Starfish at your desired positions. Make sure not to place them too closely, as it would make the wreath look untidy and clumsy. 

4. For the finishing touch, you can spray silver color on the Starfish to give a shining edge making it look more appealing. Keep in mind that you do not have to overdo it as the silver color should not cover the entire Starfish. 

5. Keep it aside to dry for at least 24 hours so that the Starfish is nicely stuck on the wreath. 

6. Now, take a ribbon and stick it on the backside of the wreath so that your home decor can be easily hung on the door or wherever you want to place it. 

And that is it; you have a beautiful home decor piece made with white Starfish!

White Starfish

The Bottom Line - 

White starfishes are extremely beautiful and appealing sea creatures. Their white hue instantly catches your attraction, which is the reason why they are widely used across the world as home decor.  

Starfish wreaths are a creative way of welcoming your guests. These home decor pieces can also be used in functions and family events such as weddings, birthdays, and anniversaries. So if you want to make a white Starfish wreath, too, then get in touch with North Florida Shells now as they offer the best range of dried sea creatures that are naturally extracted from the oceans. 

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