When it comes to Porcupine Blowfish, they have the gift to pump up their bodies by swallowing water or air, thus becoming rounder. This increase in size is almost the double in vertical. It diminishes the range of potential predators to those with bigger mouths. A second defense mechanism is offered by the sharp spines, which glows outwards when the fish is puffed up.

At North Florida Shells, we offer the finest kinds of Porcupine Blowfish along with the fishing line hanger.  Perfect for home decor, it can instantly catch the attention of every visitor. This unique piece is available in the size of about 4 inches to 12 inches. The best part about our offerings is they are all organic and have not been machine manufactured. 

Porcupine Blowfish - Dried Taxidermy with Hanger

Porcupine Blowfish - Dried Taxidermy with Hanger

Check out how Porcupine Blow can be used:

  • Craft and Decor

The Porcupine Blowfish look absolutely wonderful and can come extremely handy in using it as a decorative item.  They are exceptionally endearing and certainly bring a difference to the ambiance in a great way with its unique presence.  If you are keen to have them for the decoration, look no further and explore our collection. You will surely find the one.  

  • A Perfect Idea of Gift

Want to gift something unique, and beautiful to your loved one? What can be better than the extraordinary Porcupine Blowfish?  Check them out at our collection and buy one to gift your dearest one. Porcupine Blowfish is surely a one-of-a-kind creature and having received those as a gift can make anyone happy. Hence, without thinking anything more, get one and impress your loved one.

  • Suitable For Being Collected

Do you have the habit of collecting interesting kinds of stuffs? Porcupine Blowfish can turn out to be a great choice of collectible.  Take a look at our collection at North Florida Shells and get hold of the best Porcupine Blowfish to add to your collection. They are indeed the finest you can have.

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