Porcupine Blowfish - Dried 19 -21
Porcupine Blowfish - Dried Taxidermy with Hanger

Porcupine Blowfish - Dried 19 -21"+ X-Large

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Porcupine Blowfish - Dried 20" X-Large
Part Number: BF - 1026-20
Porcupine Blowfish, Blow Fish - Real Dried Taxidermy with Hanger

This fish will measure around 19" to 21"+. 

This is dried and sealed. 

Each one is unique. The fish are primitive stuffed fish that will show signs of wear from being caught.The eyes are fake and glued on, What a huge Display fish

These fish are measured in length tip to tail.

Great for crafts, weddings or collectibles.

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