Urchins are one of the most beautiful sea creatures. They have a unique shape that intrigues everyone. Even after having a rigid, spiny, and pain-inducing body, they look absolutely beautiful, delicate, and awe-inspiring.  

But the best part is that you can make amazing and appealing home decor with the sea creatures. Dried urchins can be easily incorporated with the decorative pieces of your house and create something that is attractive and creative. 

Dried Urchins

Below we have made a list of some of the decors that you can make with dried urchins easily at home - 

1. Mini coral plant vase - 

For this DIY, you will need a large sea urchin of a circular shape, a drill machine, and a spray paint of your desired color. 

Start with cleaning the sea urchin nicely with a piece of clean cloth. Now make a large hole on one side of the sea urchin with the help of the drill machine. Clean it again to make sure that all the dust is removed from the dried urchin. At last, spray some paint on the piece and let it dry for around 12 hours. 

Now, fill the sea urchin with some soil and plant a sapling. That is it; you have a beautiful mini plant vase. 

2. Dried urchin windshield - 

A windshield with a coral vibe can enhance the look of your house. Besides that, it can be made with only a few things that are easily found in your house. 

To make a windshield, you will need some dried urchins of smaller size, a drill machine, seashells, a hot glue gun, thread, and a piece of wire.  

You can start with making circular rings with a piece of wire. Now, with the help of the hot glue gun, stick the pieces of thread to it of varying lengths. Keep aside for a few minutes to dry. Now you need to make some holes in the sea urchins so that you can throw them in your windshield. Do this with the help of the drilling machine. Once you are done with all the dried urchins you have, thread them into the windshield one by one. Stick them in your desired position by using the hot glue gun. Let it dry again for at least two to three hours. 

Where can you find the best quality dried urchins? 

There are many sellers online that claim to offer sea urchins of the highest quality. However, you need to make sure that you get it from the most reliable seller. 

North Florida Shells offers top-notch quality dried urchins and other sea creatures at a reasonable cost, which are naturally extracted from the water bodies. We never compromise on the quality as we make sure you get the best value for your money.  

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