It’s a hobby of many people to collect shells and find new and creative ways to display it. Apart from the decorative items, the shells can be used as ornaments that define the beauty.

Whole Sputnik Sea Urchins

Decorate your Homes with Sputnik Sea Urchin        

The Sputnik Sea Urchin is the best choice for the people who are looking to decorate their homes with different style and themes. The stunning shells have a detailed pattern and spectrum of colors. The sea urchins belong to the family of the starfish. The shells size varies from 1-2 inches which are very small. Nature paints them with natural colors and maks them the decorative material.

Although if you want to show your creativity, they can be painted in your favorite color or dyes. It is best to fit for your kid's school craft or for your wedding decoration which is quite popular among the people. The customers can find the exclusive stocks of sea urchin with us. It is distributed among all the oceans and sea beaches and is easily available in all climates from tropical to polar regions.  

Every Sputnik Sea Urchin is handpicked, and it is made sure that the people get the best pieces for a different purpose. The sea urchins are super fragile, so it needs to be handled carefully. For the home decors, it can be used in the table decorations, mirror, lamps, vases, etc. The selection will give the perfect blend of art and craft. The sea urchin is an alluring gift for the people who are looking for something different for their loved ones. The recipient of the gift cannot expect anything better than this.

It is highly advised to take the insurance while placing the orders for your sea urchins as it is super fragile. It may get damaged during the shipping, paying for the insurance will save you from damage.

A gift of nature is not expensive to buy. They are quite affordable as it depends on the quantity of your purchase. The price on the tag may vary from place to place. The authentic home decors with the sea urchin are available in all colors and textures.