Sand dollars are perhaps the best sea creature to incorporate as home decors and craftwork. It gives a coral vibe to the surroundings. Nothing can be as appealing and beautiful as a sand dollar. 


Therefore, here we have jotted down a few do-it-yourself projects that are extremely easy to make and super cost-friendly.


However, first things first! DO NOT take the living sand dollars for your projects. Use the “skeletons” of real sand dollars. 

Flat Tan Starfish Sand dollars 1 1/2"+


At North Florida Shells, we offer beautiful dried sea creatures at the best prices. We offer high-quality real sand dollars for sale that are naturally extracted from the environment.


But, how to differentiate between a living sand dollar and a skeleton?


Those sand dollars which are alive have little spines in their body that look like hair. 


So, now that you know how to select the skeleton of real sand dollars, it is time that you put these sea babies to work!


1. Ornaments - Ornaments are one of the most widespread as well as easy ways of using sand dollars. All you have to do is loop some narrow yet strong shiny thread through the biggest natural hole in your sand dollar and tie the ends together. That’s it; you have a beautiful ornament made with a sand dollar! Also, it is your choice to add more glam to your ornament piece by painting them and sticking some glitz over them.


2. Cards and Packages - Sand dollars can also be utilized to combine seaside charm to your invitation cards or packages. You have to simply compose a card and then adhere to sand dollars onto them according to your choice. Or else, you can also tie onto the gift box with ribbons for various festive occasions.


3. Memory Jars - Want to try an uncomplicated yet attractive craft project with sand dollars? Try out our memory jars. Fill your glass memory jars with sand dollars with the top side facing out. You can simply display these jars on shelves and make it an attractive home decor. You can also add other items to your jar, depending on the desired look. 


4. Wreaths - Using sand dollars in wreaths - amazing, right! You have to use a strong epoxy to stick the sand dollars together on a piece of plywood or foam wreath base. Then cover the wreath with overlapping layers of sand dollars of varying sizes and colors. You can also use starfish and other sea creatures to add a more beachy vibe. At last, use a sturdy ribbon to hang the wreath.


The conclusion -


Now that you know how to use real sand dollars for sale, do you have a plan itching in your mind for decorating your room or utilizing the sand dollar skeletons lying around your house? 


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