Hermit crabs can be considered as one of the best pets for children or companions for anyone interested in getting out of their shell and enjoying a new pet. However, it is essential that you take proper care of these crabs, or they can get crabby with their new owners!

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What Are The Things You Need To Look After While Having A Hermit Crab Pet? 

Before bringing home a hermit crab, you should know what it needs - 

·        Proper Tank Size: Hermit crabs may be small in size, but they grow fast and are incredibly active. A 10-20 gallon tank will work for 1-3 crabs, and larger containers are ideal for larger groups of crabs that will provide a more stimulating and nurturing surrounding. 

·        Right temperatures: Hermit crabs are tropical animals. Therefore, they need temperatures between 75-85 degrees. Unless you prefer a very warm home, these creatures will require a good quality tank heater. Make sure not to place the tank near a sunny vent or window that can dramatically affect temperature. 

·        High humidity: These crabs breathe through the hardened gills and require high humidity (75-85 percent relative humidity) for adequate oxygen intake. This means that your tank will need to provide a tropical habitat with adequate ventilation and humidity. Adding sponges and moss can be a great idea as it helps increasing humidity along with keeping the hermit crabs healthy. 

·        Suitable Soil: Digging isn't just a favorite pastime for these little creatures. It's essential for them during the period when they shed their shells or need to escape stress. The tank substrate should be 2-3 times deeper than the largest crab size to provide adequate digging space. Sand, coconut fiber, and moss are popular hermit crab flooring options. 

·        New Shells - A healthy and growing hermit crab needs a new shell regularly. So, it is best to provide them with at least 2-3 options that are 10-15 percent larger than the current shell of the crab. One thing to remember is that they can be extremely selective about their new accommodations, and unused tanks need to be changed regularly to offer more options. 

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·        Clean water: Hermit crabs need access to fresh and saltwater to balance the salinity of their shells, and the water dishes should be relatively shallow for easy access. The water must be clean and free of chlorine and other chemicals because hermit crabs are very susceptible to contamination. 

·       Hiding spaces: In addition to the digging space, hermit crabs need a cozy place to hide when they feel threatened or stressed. Space should be small enough to make them feel safe, but large enough, so they don't get stuck. Half coconut shells, a section of hollow logs, or broken clay pots are some of the best options. 

The conclusion - 

With proper care, hermit crabs can be fun, happy to enjoy. These little creatures are ideal for all ages and perfect for small spaces and less experienced pet owners.