English Channel sea urchins can be considered as one of the most beautiful sea creatures. These attractive and colorful organisms can make everyone fall in love with them within a few seconds. English Channel sea urchins are amongst the rarest species of the family and therefore are of great value.

Most of the sea urchins are small-sized with spines on the body. These spines make them look globular and also save them from other predators. You can find urchins in various colors, including black, red, green, purple, etc. Therefore, it is a fact that sea urchins are the highest level of creativity shown by nature.

It is a hobby for many people to collect sea urchins and use them for various creative works, such as making home decor or craft projects. It can give a coral vibe to your look along with beauty and elegance if worn as an ornament piece. You can make urchin home decors yourself by using a few items that can be easily found at home.

English channel sea urchin

English Channel Sea Urchin

How to Use Sea Urchins?

At North Florida Shells, we have an exclusive range of English Channel sea urchins that are offered at the best prices. Our urchins are naturally extracted from the environment. Therefore our sea urchins are of the best quality with a variety in size, color, and texture.

Below, we have mentioned a few ways how sea urchins can be utilized in the best possible way-

(1) The Exclusive Collection

If you are someone who loves collecting coral things, then a dried sea urchin can be a fantastic element to your collection. They are incredible creatures and can be used for art and crafts, as well as for decorating any event such as weddings or any get-togethers. Sea urchins are fragile, that gives an exotic feel.

(2) Amazing piece of Decoration             

The sea urchins can be a fantastic option for home decor. People who want to add a decorative piece to their home, which gives a beachy vibe, can opt for utilizing sea urchins. You can use them for table decorations, wreaths, mirrors, lamps, vases, and much more. The addition of the sea urchins to your home decor will show your creativity and affection for your home.

(3) Best Gifts for All Occasions

Sea urchins can be the best present for any occasion - from weddings to Christmas Eve. You can either make a DIY jewelry piece or use them in any showpiece that you are planning to give. You can also add other dried sea creatures to your gift, such as seashells, sand dollars, etc. 

At North Florida Shells, you can find the best quality English Channel sea urchin under one roof at the best prices. So, it is time that you raise your level of creativity with our English Channel sea urchins - a valuable gift from Mother Nature is not so expensive to buy.