Sea horse is one of the most amazing creatures which is mainly found in the shallow and tropical salt-water across the world. These beautiful fish are available in various colors and sizes. They can be as long as 14 inches and can be as small as just an inch.


Seahorses got its name because of the shape of their head, which is similar to a horse. And this makes them unique and different from all the other creatures found in the water bodies. They usually hide in the seaweeds to camouflage with the environment and make themselves invisible for their prey, along with avoiding predators such as crabs and other fishes. 


Sea horse has a long curly tail with a spiny tail and a dorsal fin, which they use for movement. They flap their fins for almost 35 times every second, and this is how they move forward. These creatures cannot move too fast and, therefore, choose to swim in an upright position. 

1"+ sea horses


Use of dried seahorse for sale


If you are also amongst those who are searching for decorative things that can give a coastal vibe to their surroundings, then buying dried seahorse for sale is the best option for you. Seahorses are available with or without a tail in the market, and you can choose the ones which look the best for you. 


So, how to decorate seahorses at your home or office? 


All you have to do is collect the best seahorse for sale from a trustable seller. Stick all these seahorses according to your wish on a plane board, with the help of a glue gun. You can also add a few hermit crab shells to it. The number of seahorses and seashells and pattern to stick them depends on your choice. Use a paint spray to color it all. And that’s it!


You can hang this decorative piece in your living room wall or in your office to get a coastal vibe!


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