When you domesticate a hermit crab in your house, you need to make sure that it is absolutely comfortable with the house that you are offering to him. from the size of the crab to the size of the opening, there are various things that need to be considered while choosing the ideal hermit crab shell for your pet.  

In this post, we will assist you in choosing the correct shell for your hermit crab based on various crucial factors such as size, species, etc. 

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Tips for Choosing the Best Hermit Crab Shell for Your Pet

Size of the hermit crab shell - 

Hermit crab shell size is one of the primary things that need to be considered. Keep in mind that the only thing that matters for your crab is the longest diameter of the opening. 

  • Small crab usually goes for 3/8" to 1/2" openings.
  • Medium crabs use openings ranging from 1/2" to 1".
  • Large crabs prefer openings with 1" to 1 3/8".
  • Large turbo hermit crab shells range up to 3" openings or larger. 

Shape of opening - 

Most of the hermit crabs available across the world prefer round openings. There are other species also known to be using D-shape opening shells because of their body shape, which is flatter and can be protected with D-shaped opening shells. 

So depending on the type of opening that your hermit crab chooses, you need to get the one that is the most comfortable for your pet. 

large turbo hermit crab shells

Large Turbo hermit crab shells - 

Large turbo hermit crab shells are certainly the best choice for a crab of any size. These shells have large openings in round shape with heavy and thick construction. Besides that, they have enough space inside them and offer good protection. 

There is a wide variety of large turbo hermit crab shells available in the market with beautiful etched designs and polished texture. 

  • Magpie, Green Turbo, Turbo Cinereous, Turbo Stripe, and Turbo Petholatus shells are the most commonly found large turbo hermit crab shells online at affordable prices.
  • If you are looking for something more expensive for your Jumbo crabs, then go for Jade Turbo or Turbo Sarmaticus shells.
  • Murex shells are extremely lavish and beautiful with spines and lumps. Pink Murex shells are commonly found in most of the stores as they are extremely attractive as well as inexpensive. Apple Murex shells can also be found in stores in a mixed shade of Brown. 

Assorted Turbo Shells Hermit Crab

The bottom line - 

Choosing the right shell for your hermit crab is extremely important as you need to make them feel comfortable. There are various things that need to be considered by doing so. 

In the above post, we have mentioned most of the things that need to be kept in mind while choosing a hermit crab shell. 

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