In deep blue oceans, dried urchins are one of the most beautiful and amazing creatures which people are fond of. These creatures have round body structures with the right combination of colors which makes them look different in the crowd. The dried urchins have gained huge popularity in the market. It is the best option for people who want to have an element of elegance in the interiors of their home.

With small size and spines on their body, they have a globular shape making them different from others in the ocean. The dried urchins are available in different color shades such as red, purple, black, yellow, and many other mixed colors, etc. The creativity by nature is truly unbeatable as you can see the purest forms of creativity in dried urchins.

Whole Sputnik Sea Urchins

Dried Urchins for Decoration

With the changing trend of decoration the dried urchins have become an integral part of the decoration items used in home decors. Either it is a wedding anniversary, or bachelor party dried urchins has proved useful for every occasion.          

Decoration ideas mentioned below will help you to make every occasion special as well as impress the guest forever.

(1.) Best Wall Hangings

A wall hanging makes your house complete and impresses the guest who comes to see you. A decorative wall hanging made of dried urchins is one of the easiest ways to give the best look to your house. 3D wall hangings create a different impression among the guest.  They are impactful & attractive as compared to any other boring and usual home décor.

(2.)  Paperweight

These beautiful creatures can be used as a paper weight, especially at the workplace. They are available in different types of shape, size, and weight. Including them in the office décors gives a unique touch to the interiors of your office.

(3.) Paint them with vibrant colors

These dried urchins can be painted as per your choice and requirements. The kids can fill them with vibrant colors so that it can be used for art and crafts purpose. The use of vibrant colors will bring freshness to the dried urchins.   

The Final Thoughts

We, at North Florida Shells, provide you with best quality dried urchins in an affordable price throughout USA. The urchins are offered naturally colored, but you can easily dye or paint them to use in various occasions such as weddings, etc.

Apart from dried urchins, we also provide sea-life creatures, hermit shells, and starfish available in stock. We ship products across the globe and make sure that our customers get the best products at the best prices.