Nature is very creative. Among all the creativity made by nature, the clamshells are one of the best creativity shown by nature. The food made on clamshell tastes awesome with a refreshing taste.  A recipe prepared on clamshells is the real dish of the menu. There are many ingredients which can be combined with the clamshell to make it tasty and mouthwatering.

To make the food tasty, clamshells needs to be selected carefully so that it is easy to cook the food and bring the best taste in the food. The clamshells selected should not be four days old. The food can be deep-fried and served hot to the guest.

Baking Scallop Clams Seafood Cooking shells

How to Select the Best Clams For Baking

There are certain tips which need to be followed while you are going to select clams to cook food with a delightful taste.

The below-mentioned tips will help you to select the best clams as well as keep the food tasty and fresh for a longer duration of time.

(1.) Check the clams for freshness

There are many types and varieties of clams available at our online store. At North Florida Shells we have the best and a wide range of clamshell that is used in the 5-star hotels and restaurants for making hot and tasty food. The shells are tightly closed if they are alive. While washing the dirty clamshells, they should be closed while washing. Before making a purchase, make sure that they are not damaged or open. The fresh clams will hold the aroma of the sea. The new calms should be sold in clear water so that they can remain edible. As you bring calms to your home unwrap them so that they can breathe.

(2.) Cleaning of the clams

Once after purchasing the clam, it is better to clean the clam under the running water. The cleaning of clams in running water will remove the unwanted sands as well as other impurities. For best results keep them in the bowl or a pot of water added with salt. Keeping the clamps in the bowl of water for 20-30 minutes will remove all the unwanted impurities. Rinse them after the process. It will help to remove all the sands from inside the shells.

(3.) Adding a delightful Taste to the clams

After the removal of unwanted impurities, this is the perfect time to add a delightful taste to make the food mouth-watering. Boil them for 4-5 minutes until the shells open. After the boiling selects the clams, which are not open after cooking. It means that clamps were not alive before they were put into boiling water. The clamps can taste best when they are cooked gently in the low heat. Cooking at high temperature may burn them and make them unfit for consumption. If you are eating the raw meat, then select the smallest clamps which taste best.

Clam Shells for Baking is available with the best quality at North Florida Shells. Clamshells are the best cuisine on the menu you are spending a holiday at the beach. They make a different impression of yours if it is included in the menu. At North Florida shells we offer you the best clamshells at a reasonable price.