Many people love to decorate their houses with the starfish as well as seashells. The creative idea of decorating the home with the starfish is pretty amazing, but there are certain things that you need to know like what is the size of starfish and what are the occasions where this can be used?

Sugar Starfish

A Gift from the Sea

When it comes to give a different look to your house, there are many sizes available for starfish. The size available is 3, 6, 12, 25, and 50. We only offer the sea items in the approximate range listed in the descriptions and do not offer specific size requests

If and not either you are a crafter, wedding planner or the collectors the starfish is the first choice for everyone. It is best for use in wedding, Christmas decoration, and many other occasions. The customers are placing an order for the bulk bag when they are unopened and unsorted they are sent just as they were dried naturally.

The species of the starfish comes from Mexico, and some of the fish in the bag might be alive. Although our team tries their best to get them off if they are hiding it becomes difficult to find them. The use of clear coat spray will kill all the starfish that are alive.

Some boxes or bags may have broken points or legs, or some of them may come with slightly larger or smaller size because the sizes are not exact. As they are not human-made products, so it is very difficult to maintain the size of the dried starfish. This is one of the priceless gifts from nature to human beings. The star-shaped fish is the most demanded items for decoration after the seashell. The people are accepting them the way mother nature prepares them. So try something different and decorate your house with the dry starfish and give a fantastic look to the interiors of your home.