Collecting dried urchins is a hobby for many people as well as kids. It is a decorative item which is used as an ornament that defines the beauty. Apart from making jewelry, they are best for art and crafts, wedding decorations, and another purpose.

The consumers can get the best and beautiful kinds of dried urchins from us at a minimal price. They are the best gift from nature which is distributed all across the sea beaches. From the tropical to the polar region the sea urchins can be easily seen on the sea beach.

Best Use of Dried Urchin

The sea urchins are a tiny and beautiful creature with spines on their body. They are available in a variety of colors such as red, black, purple, olive, and brown. The bright colors make it the perfect choice for decorations. The dried urchins are handpicked to maintain the highest quality.    

The dried urchins are fragile which gives an exotic feel as well as make your decoration look attractive. The stunning shells have detailed pattern and style with a beautiful spectrum of colors. The size of dried urchins of the varies from 1-2 inches which is very small in size.

As they are the best gift from Mother Nature, they are painted in the best combination of colors which makes them best for decorative material. Apart from this, the dried urchins can be decorated for use in arts and crafts by kids. During the wedding seasons, they are the first choice for wedding decorations. The dried urchins are the best for home decors. They can be used for table decorations, mirrors, lamps, case, and candles. Exclusive collections of urchins will make you fall in love as well as leave a perfect impression on the guest.

The dried urchins are the best gifts for the people who are planning something different for their loved ones. The recipient of the gift cannot imagine something better than this. It is highly recommended to take insurance to protect super fragile urchins from breaking into pieces during transportation. Paying for insurance will save you from loss and damage.

The gift of nature is easy and quite affordable to buy. Although the price depends on the quantity of the dried urchins, we at North Florida shells offer you the original and high-quality products which no one in the market can provide you with. Place the order for dried urchins and give a different look to the interiors of your home.