The oceans have countless creatures who add lot of beauty. With number of people visiting the beach every day they love to collect lots of shells, stones, and other types of items which can be used for various purpose like decoration. The natural color and shape of these creatures make them look different in the crowd as well as make them the first option for every decorative purpose.

The purple barnacle cluster is one of the best options after starfish and seashells. With passing time they have emerged as best options for every purpose. They can be used as an aquarium ornament piece as well as for crafts and decors.

Purple Barnacle Cluster

Try Something Different For Decoration

There are endless possibilities for decoration. The size varies from 7” to 10” and they are natural which makes them exceptionally beautiful. The two pieces of barnacles are different in size and shapes. As they are in a group they look like Barnacle flowers. The beautiful clusters of barnacles cement themselves to the shell or other hard surfaces in intertidal areas.

They come on the beaches as little barnacle which will blossom and look even more beautiful. Purple Barnacle Cluster is a perfect addition to give a tropical and coastal feel to the home decors. It is the best option for the beach themed wedding and nautical themed wedding. These clusters are naturally dried without the use of any chemicals or techniques.

Each one of them is measured by length and unique mark present on the Barnacle cluster. With endless possibilities, they can be used in custom themed vase for plants, in pet terrariums, beach-themed parties/weddings or adding a piece of ocean theme to the home decors.

The beautiful barnacle cluster will give you flexibility to use them for a different purpose.

Some of them are listed below:-     

(1.) They can be used for craft shell projects

(2.) They can be used for fish tank and aquarium.

Every barnacle piece offers more than just a unique way to add coastal flair to the space of your home. It is a textural piece which takes your home decors to the next level. The barnacles have sharp edges, so it is important to keep them away from small children. On the other side they are very delicate and breakable so needs to be handled with care.

The Final Thoughts

We at North Florida Shells offer the highest quality items at an unbeatable price. We make sure that you get the best quality items for home decor. There is no use of artificial colors to enhance their beauty. Although the buyers have numerous options to paint them with bright colors and use them for wedding decoration and other special occasions.

Apart from this, a wide variety of sea creatures such as hermit shells, starfish, and many more sea products are available to add an element of beauty to the interiors of your home. We make sure that customers get best products after choosing us.