Collecting beautiful seashells is one of the most popular hobbies. The hunt for these creatures takes on a new meaning when you use your haul to make any of these creative DIYs. And what else can be a better pastime during this quarantine then making beautiful home decors with wholesale seashells in bulk?

wholesale seashells in bulk


Seashells are one of the most versatile sea products as it can be gracefully used in many ways. Here we have listed a few amazing ways through which you can incorporate wholesale seashells with your home decors. You can also use other sea products such as starfish, urchins, etc.


1. Seashell Wreath


To make your seashell wreath, get a foam circle and stick seashells on it using glue. You can also use small beads to fill in space between the shells. Once done, let it dry for a few hours and then hang it proudly on your wall or door to welcome guests.


2. Seashell Picture Frame


This is one of the best DIY that you can do with wholesale seashells in bulk. Stick the shells to any photo frame with the help of a hot-glue gun. Let it dry for a few minutes and then put your favorite picture in it. Give a beachy twist to your treasured family picture and bring it to life!


3. Seashell Soap Dish


If you want to incorporate some coral vibes to your day to day life, then you can use seashells as your soap dish. All you have to do is look for a particularly large shell and clean it nicely! That’s it; you have a gorgeous soap dish!


4. Seashell Light Strands


Nothing can look more beautiful then seashell light strands. To make it, you have to take some seashells of likely the same size and make holes in the base. String them up with mini lights to give a coastal aura for your next romantic evening.


5. Seashell Flower Pots


Bring some beach to your outdoor space. You ask how? Adorn your flower pots with a band of colored seashells at the rim. If you want it to be fancier, then cover the entire pot for a bolder ocean view.


6. Shell Candle Holders


With this DIY, you can display any of your beach treasures, such as sand dollars, urchins, and starfish, in glass bowls with sand or just the shells themselves. Arrange them throughout your home and place tea lights in the bowls. And you are done. Get an unmatchable and gorgeous coastal glow for your home! 


Wrapping up,


This quarantine is the best time when you can spend some quality time at home, doing your favorite thing. Making beautiful home decors with seashells can make your time more valuable. However, ensure that you are purchasing wholesale seashells in bulk from a reliable seller as there are many online sellers who claim to offer the best but don’t do so. North Florida Shells is one of the most renowned sellers of dried sea creature at the most attractive prices!