For choosing home decor, one will get a lot of choices of various kinds of shells. But if you want to get profoundly beautiful seashells which will make your home look classy and elegant, then abalones and golden cowrie shells are definitely the best choices amongst the rest. But how do we choose the one which is best for our house?

Abalone Shells-

Abalone shells are beautiful snail shells with a single, flat shell and holes along the curve of the outer cover. These shells are popular and are widely used for crafts and jewelry across the world mainly because of their polished outer cover and shine. The large abalones are used as home decors as they look stunning and are usually placed in places such as on a shelf or a table.

Cowrie Shells-

Cowries Shells were once used as a trading currency but now are widely found as attractive home decors. Its defining characteristics, gorgeous patterns on the shells, along with polished egg-shaped structure make it look attractive and elegant. This is the sole reason why golden cowrie shells have been able to win the favor of artisans from so many years. It is also very easy to find an extensive and impressive array of jewelry, decors, and crafts made of these beautiful cowrie shells.

Which one should you get for yourself?

Abalone shells are best if you desire to make the surrounding of your house colorful and vibrant with attractive decorative pieces. But if you want earthy seashells which can adorn many various items, including jewelry, photo frames, wall hangings, etc., then golden cowrie shells would be a perfect choice.

It solely depends on you if you want to have either of them or get a bit creative and combine both of them to something new and exciting.

Apart from home decors, they are also presented as valuable gifts and beautiful jewelry pieces for generations.

From where should you get golden cowrie shells?

Golden cowrie shells can be purchased from various online reputable dealers. But you won’t get the best product which would be worth your money.

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