Hermit crabs are perhaps the most beautiful sea creatures. Not just by outer appearance, but their attractive characteristic makes them a perfect pet for every household. One of the features that make them stand out amongst the other sea creatures is their hard shells. These work as protective gear against any attack and to protect their incredibly soft body as well as the abdomen. It also plays an essential role in keeping their body moisture in average level.

So how to decorate these large turbo hermit crab shells in your house? We have some fantastic ideas for you!

Assorted Turbo Shells Hermit Crab

How to utilize large turbo hermit crab shells?

When it is about changing the interior of your house, every individual has their taste and idea of decorating it. These large turbo hermit crab shells are not just perfect for making your surrounding look attractive, but also make your house the best place to live along with giving a fresh and coral feel.

The hermit crab shells from North Florida Shells are of the best quality and are polished with natural colors. We have an extensive collection of various sizes and a bit of imperfection, which makes it look even more beautiful. The best thing about our shells is that they are not human-made and are the best option for decorating your house.

So, to decorate your house with large turbo hermit shells, we have some fantastic ideas that can make your home look amazing and trust me; your guests will love it!

1. 3D wall hangings- To make a beautiful wall hanging, you will need some hermits shells of different sizes and shapes, glue, and an old photo frame. Start making the hanging by sticking the shells on the photo frame according to our wish. Once you are done with it, you can paint it according to your choice. Let it dry, and then hang this amazing 3D masterpiece in your bedroom, living room or dining room.

2. Lampshades- To make coral lampshades, you will need some hermit crab shells, glue, and a lamp that has fades. With the help of the glue, stick the shells to the lamp shades in your desired pattern. You can also paint it if you want to give a radiant feel to your lamp. That’s it! Here is your coral lamp to give a refreshing look to your room.

Our best quality large turbo hermit crab shells are best for those who have a limited budget as well as for those who are ready to spend a considerable amount of money. Decorate surroundings with beautiful hermit crab shells, starfish, and much more from North Florida Shells and make your house a happy place to live. And don’t forget to impress your family and guests with your level of creativity.