Starfish and sand dollars are among the fascinating choices for anyone to have their aesthetics felt at home, right? Indeed, these marine products exquisitely enhance your home decors' look and embark on a great outline in your corporate interiors!

But, before you choose the best type of starfish and sand dollars for your purchase, here is something for you! How about going through some of the most interesting aspects of their lifeforms? Yes, that can be functional for you to choose from. At North Florida Shells, you can choose from the top-quality starfish and sand dollars products in different sizes and types. Right from the novelty marine products to the coastal-

themed jewelry designs, the store has it all for you. Scroll down till the bottom to have a sight of the mesmerizing aspects for choosing the fascinating starfish and sand dollars for your collectible needs now!

starfish and sand dollars

Things we bet you don't know about starfish and sand dollars!

  • If you have seen the sand dollars in the alive state, you may know that they cannot survive for long out of the water! So, even if you find one at the sea-shore, DO NOT TAKE IT HOME with you! The sand dollars can only survive for a few minutes out of water. In fact, in many places, including Florida, it is actually illegal to take a live sand dollar anywhere away from its original habitat.
  • Do you know starfish use filtered seawater to pump the nutrients through their well-laid nervous system effectively? Indeed, starfish have no blood and no brain! Moreover, these beautiful starfish can live up to 35 full-years. That's true!
  • If you actually research a bit, you will find that the sand dollars are related to starfish and sea urchins! Contextually, the sand dollars are invertebrates belonging to the echinoids class of marine animals. This is the class belonging to the spiky-skinned animals.
  • There are about 2,000 species of sea stars! While you can find many of these inhabiting the tropical areas, some of the beautiful starfish can also be found in the cold waters of the earth, the polar regions.
  • Interestingly, the sand dollars are known to eat with their hair! Indeed, these lovely creatures rely on their small movable spines and cilia to eat! They have fuzzy spines which are perfectly aided by tiny hairs. A sand dollar's mouth has five teeth in a single jaw. Indeed, they take at least 15 minutes to grind food before swallowing!
  • The starfish can never survive in freshwater! These creatures are known to eat inside-out. 
  • The pores that can be found over the sand dollars propel them! This is similar to sea urchins. The sand dollars have five sets of pores that are effectively arranged in a flower petals' pattern.
  • The different species of starfish can be found up to 40 arms! Indeed, you may have seen the beautiful starfish, which has just five arms, but a number of species may possess more than that.

The bottom line

Starfish and sand dollars can qualify as the perfect gift to grace any occasion. Buy the best quality sand dollars and starfish now!

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