One of the most interesting little pets to have in your home is perhaps a hermit crab. Hermits are known as both lands and sea creatures. They are immensely loved by parents and their kids as it looks extremely beautiful. 

But, have you noticed that a hermit crab also wears a shell? Wondered why? 

Here we will discuss why these little creatures wear a hermit crab shell and which is the best place to buy hermit crab shells.

30+ Assorted Turbo Shells Hermit Crab


Shells protect the fragile body of a hermit crab - 

Talking about hermit crabs, they have an extremely fragile body. You can compare it with a wine glass. They have a soft abdomen that is as thin as a paper. While finding food, hermit crabs encounter a number of events that can affect and harm their soft body. These events may include predators, sharp objects, etc. Since hermit crabs lack protection naturally, from these circumstances, they have to find various shields that can protect their body. This is when a hermit crab shell comes into action. 

Not their own shell - 

Well, it is a fact that hermit crabs need to acquire the shells of other creatures to protect themselves. It is hard to survive for the little creature without a shell. Therefore, they seek protection with abandoned shells of larger creatures, such as a sea snail. It may seem like they are stealing the shells, but the fact is that they are borrowing it as they will outgrow and then eventually abandon it themselves.

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The Conclusion -

If you are looking for a cute little pet, a hermit crab will be a perfect choice. Easy to care, this interesting creature is pure joy! However, unlike wild hermit crabs, you have to provide them with new shells from time to time that are perfect for the crab’s habitat.

So, are you thinking of getting a hermit crab? If so, then also look for a beautiful hermit crab shell to buy from North Florida Shells!