Arrowhead Sand Dollars
Arrow Head sand dollar 5

Arrowhead Sand Dollars

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Arrowhead Sand Dollars 3" to 5"+
Part Number: SD -1032

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Arrowhead Sand Dollars. These sand dollars are offered in a size range and lot sizes stated for their size range. We offer them from around 3" to under and around 5 3/4" in size.

These Real Arrowhead sand dollars are great for crafts, wedding decorations and much more!

These Items are a real sea life product and will have minor imperfections. We offer the best sand dollars on the market. This is a super fragile item damage may and does Happen in shipping. Buyers buying this item to be shipped do so at their own risk and we suggest you pay insurance. 

We do not individually wrap each 1 in bulk lots They are bagged, and bulk boxed in peanuts in a new box. Please If you need individually wrapped, please pay for individually wrapped.   

 We sell them Individually or in lots of 6 or 25.

No returns will be allowed on this item. Buyers buying this item please make sure they are the size you need before buying!

Due to the fragile nature of sand dollars, we will not be responsible for any broken sand dollars. To reduce the risk of damages, it is highly recommended that this item ship via pallet (common carrier). No credits will be issued for this item. Please contact the sales office if you have any questions at 386-324-2330

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